Upgrade Your Smarket

Upgrade Your Smarketplace for just $199.00 Month until January 2021

Every Smarketplace Subscriber Now Gets...

For the price of a banner ad on other websites, you not only get a truly dynamic social media selling machine which attracts leads every day, all year around - you get a virtual machine which helps you automate your marketing efforts. Here is what you get with your monthly subscription:

  1. A Branded Community Marketplace Hub inside Land Surveyors United, which you 100% Control. It will be set up for you with your own forum, blog, videos, photos, events and more.

You can even run your own podcast through the hub if you like. You can operate a class room as a private hub. You can host a global virtual event through the hub with a youtube account. Your entire store of products can be imported and promoted to over 17000+ land surveyors worldwide.

  1. A mobile app for quick posting to your Hub on the go

You'll get your own dedicated mobile app configured for quick access and posting to your Marketplace Hub

  1. Your Own Branded page inside the Surveyor Market Blog which pulls your posts AS blog posts

Blog posts from this blog will be heavily promoted on our Twitter profile, Linkedin and our Facebook Pages. It pays to post often.

  1. A Smarketplace Page which updates everytime you post to any area of your Marketplace Hub.

Those areas of your Hub generate RSS feeds of info like a blog. Those feeds are pumped in real time into your Smarket page and through the Smarketplace Blog. In other words, everytime you add to or update any part of your Hub inside the community, you are also updating your Smarket in the Virtual Mall. That content will help you sell, sell, sell.

  1. An audience of over 17k land surveyors to support and sell products/services to

Think of it this way. Everytime you post content to your Marketplace Hub, your content attracts followers to your Hub. Once a member of the community joins your hub, you have added them to a list of followers that you can message through the hub any time. The name of the game is to build long lasting relationships with your customers. Now, this has all been made as simple as possible for you.