Vendor Video Guides

Basics of Managing Hub

Every marketplace vendor on Land Surveyors United has the ability to fully control every aspect of their hub. These are some of the basics for managing Every marketplace vendor on Land Surveyors United has the ability to fully control every aspect of their hub. These are some of the basics for managing the front end and back end of your Marketplace Hubg the front end and back end of your Marketplace Hub

Section of Your Hub and How to Post Content

Adding new content to your store inside the Smarketplace (web) and App is super simple. It all starts with posting content to a Marketplace Hub on Land Surveyors United In fact, the thing that makes Smarketplace so cool for Vendors and Marketers is also the thing that makes it so innovative. All you have to do in order to get new items into your store is to post new content to the various areas inside your Marketplace hub and it will automatically appear in your Store Page on the Smarketplace. In other words,. everytime you post something new inside your Marketplace hub whether it be in the Forum, photos, videos, blog or otherwise, it will end up automatically into your smarket place store.

How to Gain Followers

Tapping into over 17k land surveyors on Land Surveyors United and developing a following over time has many big advantages for your company down the road. Attracting new potential customers starts with offering something useful and enticing to the community at large. When surveyors are interested in your deals and specials they will follow your Hub giving you more opportunity to connect with them and do more business in the future.

We are introducing a new way to social sell on Land Surveyors United for Vendors who sell products and services to Land Surveyors, this is your chance to sell socially! All announcements about the Marketplace for Vendors will occur on this page and this page only. If you cannot see this page it is because you do not have your profile set as a Vendor profile. Simply edit your profile Member Status as Vendor and you will see it.

Request a Demo by Telling us About Your Company

We have officially opened up the Land Surveyor Marketplace, a collection of Hubs owned, controlled and branded by Vendors inside the community who sell equipment/software and developers. If you would like to have your own Vendor hub, check out this presentation to learn about all of the things which can be imported and displayed inside your hub such as a store, social media, youtube channels and much much more.

If you are tired of throwing your money away on banner ads or print advertising hoping for clicks or calls, this is the solution for you. We'll set up your Hub, brand it according to your website or preferences and import your social media profiles for you. All you need to do is be ready to learn something new, willing to answer questions about your products from customers and followers and share new deals and specials with the community a few times per month. Marketplace Hubs can also have a dedicated mobile app built for making shopping on the go much simpler for land surveyors in the field. Contact Justin with any questions you might have.

We are excited to add your company to our Marketplace and look forward to hearing from you! Once your Vendor hub is set up we'll send you an email to follow the Hub. We'll then make you admin of the hub and you'll be able to completely control the backend and all of the pages inside the hub. Pretty cool huh! If you have previously uploaded your land surveying photos to Land Surveyors United, you can now move them to your Local Community Hub and showcase what land surveying is like in your area of the world.

Find Your Local Hub here:

Our Surveying videos features inside the new community are quite robust and easy to use. To upload or embed a surveying video to the new community simply go to this link and choose your video you want to upload or embed the code from Youtube, Vimeo, Hulu or any other video sharing site.

Many of our Community Hubs have videos sections as well.

In this video I will show you how to upload surveying photos to the community and your profile on the new community platform.

Please note that all Community Hubs have photo sections as well, so be sure to post your photos inside the most relevant place inside the community.

Add Photos



1. Sign in to the network.

2. Go to the Photos section.

3. Click the "Add Photos" link in the upper right corner.

4. By default, you'll be able to use the bulk uploader. The first time you use the uploader, you'll see a pop-up window that says "This applet was signed by Ning Inc and authenticated by VeriSign Inc. Do you trust this certificate?" Click the "Trust" button to proceed. trust certificate

5. In the left pane, find the photos on your computer. To upload them, double click on a photo or drag and drop a photo or a whole folder to the right pane title "Photos to Upload." You can drag and drop the photos within the right preview pane to re-order them. To remove photos, you can drag and drop them outside of the preview pane or highlight them and press the "Delete" key.

6. Once you're ready to upload, click the "Next" button.

7. Add information about the photos . To apply the same information to all of the photos in the batch, fill out the top portion under "Edit Information for All Photos." Then click the button to "Apply this info to the photos below." You can and should individually override this information by filling out individual photo information below the batch edit.

8. If you're experiencing issues with the bulk uploader, you can always use the simple uploader by clicking the link to "Return to our simple uploader" at the bottom of the page.

9. You can also add photos by phone or email. At the bottom of the "Add Photos" page, click on the "More Information" link for a unique email address to use to add photos to the network. The subject of the email becomes the title of the photo and the body becomes the description.

10. You can now also upload photos from the field using the mobile interface.


Yes you can! Go to the photos box on your profile page and click the "Edit" button. You will see several options for what photos to show on your profile page.


You can easily import any public photos you have on Flickr to the network.

1. Go to the Photos tab and click the link to "Add Photos." You will find a prompt to add photos from your Flickr account.

2. Click the "Add Photos" link to continue to Flickr and sign in to your Flickr account.

3. You will then be taken back to your network on Ning. Here choose which of your Flickr photos you'd like to upload.

4. Use the available options to get your most recent photos, get all photos with the same tag or get all of your photos in Flickr. You can also choose to import descriptions or the full-size version of each photo.

5. Click "Get Photos."


In the photos section, clicking on the thumbnail of a picture will take you to the photo detail page, where you can tag or rate the photo, add it to your favorites, view more sizes of the photo and see when it was uploaded. If you are a member of the network and signed in, you can also add a comment about the photo on the comment wall.


When you upload photos to Land Surveyors United, you have the option to add a title and a description to your photo. If you're adding a photo using the Quick Add feature, you can either click the More Options link to be taken to the standard page for uploading photos or go to the photo detail page after it's uploaded. In the photos section, clicking on the thumbnail of a picture will take you to the photo detail page where you can edit the title, description, tags, location and privacy of the photo!

You cannot edit someone else's photo and give it a description; however, you can leave a comment. If you put another member's photo in an album, you cannot change the title or description.


When you upload a photo, you will be prompted to add a title and description. If you are using the simple uploader, you can also add a location by typing it into the field marked "Location" and clicking "Map It." If you've already uploaded a photo or used the Quick Add feature and want to add a location or change the location, click the "Edit Photo" link below the photo on the photo detail page.