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What Is a Smarket?

Think of a Virtual Mall and Marketplace powered by a Global Surveyor Community. A Smarket is like a store in a mall... a Virtual Mall. Smarketplace is where surveyors make long lasting relationships with vendors offering Surveying Equipment & Support within their Hubs on Land Surveyors United.

Surveyors' Market

Smarket is short for Surveyors' Market... a place where everything sold or traded within involves Land Surveyors as the customers. This Smarket is powered by Land Surveyors United community Vendors. A growing number of vendors and service providers in the community also control their own communities inside Land Surveyors United called Marketplace Hubs. So, Smarkets are a way to bring all of the latest posts inside each Hub's forum (Deals, Specials, Support), photos (events, demos, products, specials), videos (demos, showcase, field tests), events(webinars,virtual conferences) and more. It all started with the Virtual Mall idea...

How the Smarketplace Works